Synthetic Matte Media Profiling

I’m new to this forum and doing printer profiles…wondering if anyone can give me suggestions.

I’m trying to create a new profile for a synthetic Matte Media. Using the current printer profie for an inkjet dye based CMYK system, the prints look out too reddish. I did some tweaking on the matte profile using profilemaker but somehow I can get the skin tones to appear right but the near red hues are too dull and not as red as what I like.

Any idea what ink to tweak? By the way I’m judging my new output profiles by printing real life images and the target patches via the printer driver using photoshop disabling color manangement (to use printer settings only )to see where the gamut is…

I am currently maximizing yellow but not sure if I need to bring to lower or higher? Not sure what to do with cyan and magenta too.

It almost sounds like you’re making your new profiles by editing an existing profile that is too reddish. Is that what you’re doing?

These days it’s best to create a new profile from the ground up by printing a profiling target through your system, and then making a profile from that. A quality program like ProfileMaker (if you have that already) should be able to make you a new custom-made profile that accurately reflects what your printer can do.

Tweaking or editing an existing profile is really a last resort sort of thing to do. There’s always the possibility that colors will shift in unexpected ways when you edit profiles. The current profile generation software does a good job if you create the profiling target properly and measure it properly. In fact, we say that if a custom-made profile does not look right, then something went wrong in its creation, and it needs to be done over again.

A little more information about this here: … and_Profit