the importance of the environment lightning during softproof


I just saw the announcement of this interesting and affordable lighting solution: “colour Confidence GrafiLite”. Now assume that i have this and that my monitor is also calibrated towards D50, in what way are my bulbs in my office influencing the comparison of my files on my screen and my printed proof under the GrafiLite? My proof will meet the viewing conditions (D50) but will the colors on my display be correct when i have bulbs that are not D50?
I remember that i measured the ambient light with my eye-one during calibration of my monitor and it was set to 120 cd/m2.
Does this mean that the color temperature is not so important but that the luminance is more important? If i compare between screen and proof, must i have always an ambient light condition of 120 cd/m2?


The bulbs in your office would influence your screen by reducing contrast (unless you are using a monitor hood to shield them). Also, ambient light that is not D50 can affect your eyes, can light up your surroundings in such a way as to throw off your perception of color. It’s best to have neutral grays in your environment, and at least while viewing proofs, keep your ambient light to a minimum.

You’ve touched on one of the reasons a “viewing booth” would be preferred over a GrafLite. The booth would shield your print from ambient light.

Matching color temperature and luminance are both important.

While it’s a good idea to try to match the luminance of the screen with the brightness of the light reflecting off your proof print, I would make your eyes the final judge of that - and only use the ambient light measurement of the eye-one as a “ball-park” place to start.

thanks patrick for this clear explanation!