Tips and Tricks for ColorThink - Linearization Optimization

I have just posted on our YouTube account the first of (what might be) a series of short movies detailing how to do some tip or trick in ColorThink. Most people nowadays like to see a piece of software demonstrated in action rather than having to read a manual about it. It just somehow makes something easier to understand if you can actually watch somebody walk through it. This first video demonstrates how to use ColorThink Pro to check optimum ink limiting from a measured linearization file for a RIP.

Check it out. Tell me what you think. Tell me what you would like to see in the future. This topic came to us because a customer filled out a “Feature Request” - wanting us to add this feature in a future version of ColorThink. I had the pleasure of showing him how he could already do this using the current version of ColorThink Pro!

HI Pat,

Thanks very much for this effort.

Can you do one to show me how to ‘fly through’ the 3D gamut please.

I have seen it a number of times but I can’t seem to work it out, I think it would add to the way I explain Delta E to clients.

Thanks mate.


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Hah! So that’s what you liked?
Actually all I was doing was making use of the zoom feature in the Grapher. (On a Mac, it’s Option + click&slide mouse down). It takes a steady hand, and you have to know where you’re going with the zoom… so it can take some trial and error… but that’s all there is to it. If you are ultimately making a movie, you can also do a lot with zooming and panning the movie as well.

I think it was Dave Piccus of Piccus4Color who sent us a few years ago a movie of a CT color gamut flying through space with Star Wars theme music playing in the background. It was pretty funny. You can do a lot with creativity and imagination. Not sure if any of that will help you explain dE though.