What are tracks for my device? If someone can explain or point me in the direction of information, I would greatly appreciate it.


Brett Munoz

Good question.
Many of our ColorValet Pro customers will be new to our Maxwell infrastructure.
Maxwell is an online color repository - a place to store and use colors - that we developed to support many of the new services CHROMiX is offering. To give you a taste of what it does:

  • A large printing company can keep track of all their presses and proofing printers to make sure they are within tolerances and be automatically informed if they go out.
  • A pre-press house can keep track of all their displays to make sure they are calibrated regularly and that the color is consistent and accurate.

This same technology can be used to help individuals track the consistency of their display or watch how their printer drifts over time.

It is this later service that the free Maxwell track for ColorValet Pro provides.

When you bond your ColorValet Pro printer to ColorShuttle, a link to your Maxwell track automatically appears on the details pane for your printer next to “Bonded to Maxwell device:”

This link takes you to the Maxwell website, and after logging in with your username and password, you see the “track” for your printer and the measurements that are in it.

Once you get several measurements, you’ll find the trend report to be interesting. You’ll want to look at making “metrics” first:

There is a lot more information if you follow the ColorWiki links in your Getting Started page of ColorShuttle.