Transmission Profiles

I have Monaco Profiler Gold and have access to a Barbieri Spectro LFP. I need to create for a client a printer profile for a semi-transparent material for light box displays. Has anyone tried this combination, are they compatible? I also have an Eye1 and a DTP 20 Pulse. Are there other options for creating transmission profiles. The printer is a wide format UV printer. The light box is D50, and the print will need to be high density to avoid washed out shadows and solids


We make transmissive profiles using an Xrite DTP-41T, MeasureTool and ProfileMaker. That combination works very well, if you can get through the fussiness of the DTP-41T. (Everything has to be just right or it won’t read the strips.)

There are not that many instruments that take true transmissive readings. I have not used the Barbieri. The i1 and the Pulse will take reflective and emissive measurements but are not suitable for transmissive.

Our transmissive profiles are $150/each, which includes our usual 100% satisfaction guarantee. Contact us to get the specific targets for this or if you have any questions.