Trouble calibrating Macbook Air

Hello all. first post here and it’s an odd one.

Just purchased a new 13" Macbook Air and decided to try to calibrate it with my i1d2. Downloaded the Lion version of i1Display software which I’ve used previously on my iMac without problem. For some reason, the software does not detect the i1d2 puck. I’ve checked the system profiler and it is detected there as Eye-one Display. Also plugged it in to my iMac and it is detected by the i1Display software. Anyone have any idea why the software isn’t detecting the puck on the MBA even though it’s plugged in? I still have Lion on the MBA, by the way.
Any help appreciated.
Thanks, Jim

On Aug 28, 2012, at 6:39 PM, “jmg1949” wrote:

Can you see it in the USB bus? If you go into Apple>About this Mac then More Info, the do a system diagnosis you should be able to see it on the bus.


Steve Upton

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Yes, I did do that and that’s what’s so odd to me. The i1d2 shows up in More Info>bus but the Eye-one software still doesn’t detect it.
Any thoughts appreciated.


On Aug 29, 2012, at 1:47 PM, “jmg1949” wrote:

Sounds like you might need to contact X-Rite support about that.

Seems rather odd to me too :frowning:



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Thanks, I’ll drop them a note.


Just to confirm:
You’re using the Lion version of i1Profiler on your Lion MBP? (It says “D2LionEdition” on the main page & the latest version is v1.0.1)?

That version will connect with an i1D2, while the latest versions of the regular i1Profiler software will not.