Trouble with calibrating LCD monitor

I am trying to calibrate an HP LP 2465 LCD monitor with an GMB eye-one 2.

After calibrating the summary is as follows:

Colortemp. Target native and current 6600
Gamma: Target 2.2. Current 2.2
Luminance: Target 120 Current 180
The contrast is then 80% and the brigtness 15%. When I reduce the brightness to 0% I still can’t reach the target luminance??

Doing something wrong or is the HP simply not good enough for critical photowork?

Regards Jan

Hi Jan,

It sounds like you just have a very bright display! Once you reduce the brightness to 0, you could try reducing the contrast as well. That will bring down your luminance. It will also tend to reduce your overall contrast ratio, but with a target of 120 you should be in good shape.

AFAICT the i1Match software does not offer any other way to reduce the luminance of your monitor in the profile itself - it expects you to take care of that in the on-screen hardware controls. The only other software package I know of where you can enter in a luminance value, and the software will make sure it hits it - whether you adjust it in the screen or not - is ColorEyes Display Pro.

Hi Patrick,

Thank you for your answer. I will try it this evening. But isn’t strange to set the brightness to zero?

Is it possible that the ambient light is factor in this?

Regards from Holland

No, not with todays very bright displays. Make sure the contrast is set to the native setting (which you can get to by resetting to factory defaults).

Certainly. Your other option is to increase the ambient lighting. Ideally you want your display whites to match paper white both in terms of color and luminosity.

Hello Scot,

I’ve measered the ambient light with the ey-one and the result 3000 and 32. What do you think is the solution ordering some lamps to get around 5000 and 40 a’50 lux.

Regards Jan

Your light is dim and warm and most importantly, probably very low CRI. Upgrading to brighter, higher CRI lighting will go a long way towards improved critical print viewing and print to screen matching. I personally prefer the Solux 4100K bulbs over 5000K. You can calibrate your display to match ~3500K - 7500K temperatures but you can’t simulate low CRI weirdness.

Hello Martin,

I will buy some light and then let you now what happened.

Thank ypu for your help.