trying to learn new trick DesignJet 30

We have a customer that has a DesignJet 30. There is no rip they print direct to them. This uses RGB ICC Profiles. We have a high end prepress rip and Drive Epson 9600 and HP 5500’s with CMYK ICC Profiles.

Now I understand how to like proof from Photoshop with print preview using our press profile which is a CMYK profile then use their RGB profile to proof with.

I havent gotten the target yet out there and printed on their inkjet I think I’ll use the TC9.18 RGB that comes with ProfileMaker. We are also going to take out a good dye Inkjet semi matte paper.

What my question is, do I really have a chance of dialing this in and make it look like my CMYK prepress proofs. What is throwing me is the mixing of the CMYK and RGB profiles. I havent ever done this to a lower end printer with out a color rip before.