Uncalibrated displays and Photoshop + VLUT question

I needed to get some clarification on a couple of things regarding display profiles.

  1. When a display is not calibrated and there is no profile Photoshop can use to do monitor compensation, what does Photoshop use in that case? Does it use the OS assumed sRGB color space and gamma or does it use the color space and gamma of the display in its current state?

  2. In Windows, when a monitor profile loader pushes the information to the VLUT, what specific information from the display profile is pushed there?


Hi JIm,

In any operating system, there is always a default profile at work there, so I don’t think you would ever have a situation where there really was no profile Photoshop could use. Whenever there are problems, like if PS does not like the current monitor profile (it’s corrupted somehow) - PS will give you a little warning dialog and announce that it is substituting sRGB.

In a display profile, it is specifically the vctg tag that is grabbed by the graphics card to get the info for the LUTs.