universal profile

Hi, I read that to make universal profile (for non color managed programs) you need to add xrite-lab profile to your printer as default profile, set it to manual. You also need to turn on color management in your printer driver

Then you need to print and measure the test charts and assign your new profile and remove earlier added lab profile.

I tested this and the test chart printed in this way has more natural blue and cyan is really cyan. the yellow is a little more lighter. This is said about test charts not profiles.

Have you heart about this way, I was printing test charts with color management off and with all color profiles removed before I read about this method.

I’m not exactly sure what you’re describing but it sounds interesting. Could you give us a little more detail about what the purpose of this is and a step-by-step description of how you do it?

This sounds similar to a description we’ve heard for how to print profiling targets without color management. With Mac Snow Leopard, you need to assign a profile to a profiling target (with other conditions) in order for it to successfully print without color management. More on that here:

Or maybe you are describing the use of a “null profile” (a profile that makes no changes)?

You generally don’t expect test charts to look more natural, or better. We expect them to look bad, because the profile is going to take the natural condition of the printer and correct for it. If colors are more natural or brighter - that is often a sign that there’s already some color management going on, and to profile on top of that would be double profiling.

As I said it’s a profile for non color managed programs. Like Irfan View, Picasa, and others that do not have color management, profiles etc. tabs in the program.

This sound similar but on windows you need to use lab profile instead.

The procedure is as follows.

  1. Click on your printer name -> Properties
  2. Color management tab -> Select Manual and remove all color profiles, then add lab color profile.
    (you can get it from xrite MonacoPROFILER and I think photoshop installs one too)
  3. Then make sure you leave the color management enabled your printer driver because otherwise the profile will not be used.
  4. Print the target

When you have created a profile you just replace the lab profile with your own profile, thats it.

I heard about this too wonder how to make one, or where to get one :slight_smile:

Yes I’m not making my target look better but I read about this way and would like to ask if anyone else heard about this and what do you think.