Upgrading from Monaco Proof

Should I upgrade from Monaco Proof to Profile Maker?

You haven’t stated what your needs are or what your usage will be but if it is output profiling that you’ll be doing I would suggest skipping ProfileMakerPro and going for Monaco Profiler.

I need to make profiles for various ink jet printers, monitors and scanners. This is for a school computer lab setting. I would also like to calibrate the LCD projector. In the near future we have smart boards in the classroom. My understanding is that the smart board uses a different type of projector. I don’t know the details. Can the smart board projector be calibrated?

My vote would still be for the Monaco Profiler package. I own them both, along with just about every other color management package sold in the last 10 years. The Eye-One beemer is the device that officially calibrates projectors but at $600 for that option it’s quite steep. Fact is, if you can put a colorimeter in the projector’s path and face it towards the projector you can calibrate any projector system just like a monitor. The only potential downside to this approach is that it doesn’t take the projection surface color under consideration which could be a problem if you were projecting onto a green wall let’s say.

Monaco Profiler is the industry’s best kept secret as far as output profiles go and if you are really picky you’ll appreciate the quality of the final prints.

I’m not sure what hardware you have so that should be a factor in your consideration as well. If you not a quality nit-picker and need a new Spectro that does it all an EyeOne package with the beemer option really could be the best all around value for your needs.


Monaco and Profile Maker are now owned by the same company (X-Rite) and they are streamlining the product range. As such Monaco as we know it will not be continued in the medium term. Thus I would go for PM5 right now of the two.

If you go for an Eye 1 device to calibrate a projector you will be going for a mid-range version (i1Photo) which includes softeware to profile printers and monitors as well - this is c.$1500 list price.

Thus you could get this first and try profiling with it. It may be you don’t need any extra software at all.

Whiteboard projectors are normal projectors and thus can be profiled in theory - it often depends on the graphics card driver as to how successful this is.

Hope this helps!

That is not correct. Both products are based on old code and will not be continued except for providing device compatibility. I suspect that we will eventually see a new package that will be the “upgrade” for both and will likely be an excellent marriage of the two different ideologies behind the software. If Monaco Profiler is the better of the two for now then there is nothing that should prevent one from purchasing it and that is why XRite continues to sell them both.

It is correct as far as I have been informed…but you are entitled to your opinion!

They are sticking with the PM brand & integrating the best features from Monaco which will go - I can only go on what they tell me

Anyway it does not matter & you are right that in the short term both are still with us & either will do the job.

I prefer PM and as I understand this is the brand they are sticking with (maybe!) this is the route I would take - only my opinion!