useful CGATS exports...

My RIP can import saved linearization measurement sets into swatchbooks, then I can export that as a CGATS file… then I import into that ColorThink to evaluate chroma of each ink as density increases, and also to save out LAB numbers of O and G to enter in I1Profiler when making CMYKOG profile targets.
Do I want to export as CGATS LAB, or CGATS device? I’m not sure of the distinction, essentially they are all the ink/paper/device right? Neither seem to have paper white subtracted… and they are very similar.
This is all a but convoluted I know, but it seems to be working.

Hi Tyler,

If your question is about which option to use when exporting out of the RIP, then you’d want to include Lab at least. A lot of apps that allow saving CGATS will allow you to save out any of several options like device, Lab, spectral, density, etc. Device values would basically be your CMYK numbers that were being used as the reference. You would want to choose Lab (which defines specifically what the color actually is in Lab space) so you can drop this into CT and see where the Lab colors lie in the Grapher for example.

perfect, thank you…