Using different targets with i1Match 3.4?

Hi Folks,

I’m new to all of this profile stuff so be gentle.

Does anybody know of a way to use other targets in i1Match? Other than the three that ship with the app? I stumbled upon Bill Atkinson’s site and he has made targets (and data files) for the i1photo device but when I try to load it into Match it doesn’t show up. I’ve tried to rename it to one of the three supplied data files but it doesn’t look like it will work since the data file is 3 letter size pages and Match shows only 2 pages.

Any ideas? Any other sources for targets? Specifically I’d like to find a target with more flesh tone patches.



You would need to rename the (text) reference file as well as the (tif) target file, but I don’t know whether it would still work. The target and reference files have to match anyway. I’ve no idea how Match works I’m afraid; I’ve got PMP, which with the Eye-One doesn’t care how many physical pages a target covers, just the total number of rows & columns etc.

Do let us know if you make any progress, it’s interesting.

I’ve tried renaming the target and data file but it looks like iMatch needs targets that are scrambled. I had hoped that the target (Bill Atkinson’s) with the white space between each square would work. Anybody have any other ideas?