Using printer profiles with Microsoft programs

Is there a way to access printer profiles when using Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Publisher? I have a logo that prints out a bright blue when using Microsoft programs, but when using Adobe programs, where I can choose a printer profile, the logo prints correctly as a dark blue. Any suggestions?

What printer are using? And what OS? Some drivers allow you to access the system profiles.

I have been wondering this myself for a few weeks now and have concluded that it can not be done. if it can then it is a well kept secret as to how.

I have produced version 2.4 profiles which I have used for soft proofing in PagePlus, Inkspace and Gimp, yet none of these applications will actually utilise the profiles when printing.

The failure to respect the pofiles when actually printing is the same as for the microsoft applications.

My workaround has been to use Photoshop to convert the image to the printers colour space utilising its profile. Then after saving, to import this new image into Word, complete any textual imaging, and then print it.

The result is as if the profile had been used in real time.

I’m using a Konica Minolta 4650 color laser printer and Windows XP.