verify calibration


i am using the i1display to try and calibrate my 30" cinema display.

i am using all standard settings:

CCFL monitor
(tried both D65 and Native white points)
native contrast
used the largest patch set provided with the software.

after calibrating it looks as if it’s not perfect.

than i ran a quality delta E check with the i1profiler and got poor results.

(i’m attaching the results page)

i understood that a reasonable average delta e should be under 1.5-2

need help


Hi Oren,

You say you have an i1Display… would that be the original i1Display or the i1Display 2? In either case, you can download a program that will let you diagnose whether your measurement device is still working properly. … wareID=506

This software will run the colorimeter through its paces and give you an idea of whether it’s still good or not. While it’s not 100% accurate all the time, if it shows that your unit fails, then that’s probably where your problem is. An original i1Display is getting pretty old about now and might be giving you inconsistent results which is what you appear to be getting from your description. You can try this to start with.