Visualizing Rendering Intents for an out of gamut image

Hey All-

I have found lots of information close to my question but I think the way I’m trying to accomplish it is new. Apologies if this is a repeat.

I’m helping teach color management at a small university and we were trying to find a way to visually represent how different rendering intents would deal with the out of gamut colors.

What I would love to be able to show the students is four things. The out of gamut image mapped in the 3D grapher, the ICC profile of our printer paper mapped in the 3D grapher (I can do this), an image file that has been adjusted to the color space of our printer via different rendering intents to show how the different intents push the colors into the color space. I think something is happening in my file prep for this because when I graph files that have been rendered via different methods, they show up exactly the same–down to the pixel. I have attempted to prep file in Photoshop via the “covert to profile” option and in Lightroom via the print to file option using the different intents but with the same result. I even tried running it through our RIP. Stumped…

Any ideas on how I might accomplish this? I think it would help our students grasp rendering intents so much more easily. I open to other ways to show this as well. I’m quite new to ColorThink so coud be missing something entirely. Thanks for the help!

We have a little tutorial that can suggest ways to show vectors in the 3D Grapher. You can take a look at this and see if it gets you what you want to demonstrate: