When the new CTP4 available?

Hi Chromix

When the CTP4 avaiable for shpping ?



We’ve not yet set a release date for ColorThink 4, but work is progressing well and we hope to ship early in the new year.

The next milestone for ColorThink 4 is the announcement / showing at Printing United in Las Vegas, October 19-21, 2022

We have a booth! N1071, and will be showing the new version’s features in depth.

Thanks for your interest and keep an eye on our blog or newsletter for more details.

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Please tell me it’s M1 capable; I need an excuse to buy a new Mac.

We’re working toward Apple Silicon to be sure. It depends somewhat on the availability of AS libraries for the color instruments ColorThink 4 can support. (more about that to follow)

Any app that directly calls libraries/frameworks has to have them in the same architecture or it fails. That said, the manufacturers of most of the hardware we support seem to be either shipping early versions of AS binaries or are speaking as if they will, so the signs are good.

I’m comfortable in saying that we will support it when we’re able to, even if it’s not when we initially ship.

Also, some testing here on an M1 16" MBP shows that it’s bloody quick on most operations. Like butta!

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Color instruments: wow!