When will Curve2 for Windows be out?

I have Curve 1 for Windows and just bought Curve2. When will the Windows version be out and is there a beta test I could try? Thanks.

We are working on the Windows version now.
The changes between Mac and Windows will be minor, so we anticipate that there will not be many bugs with the Windows beta. For that reason, we’re expecting to release the Windows beta version publicly, so that registered windows users can use it and get to work right away. Should be soon.

Cool. Looking forward to it.(’:lol:’)

The Windows beta is available for download:

As expected, we’re not seeing too many problems. Of course, read the “readme” file before you use it.
Known issues are:

  • the printing of the report pages is disabled for this beta, and
  • VPR is not turned on yet (same with the Mac version.)

We are currently running Windows version 2.0.1. When do you expect the printing of report pages to be functional.


By the way love the new version.

This is a high priority right now. We have actually put a lot of man hours into solving this the last few weeks, but we’re not there yet. We’re expecting a fix for this in a new version to come out in another week or so.

From ColorNews Issue #41 " We’re pleased about the completion of Curve2. Both Mac and Win final versions are now shipping."

Does this mean printing report pages is now working. :laughing:

Please, please, please.

I was really hoping to get back to you with some good news last week, but it just didn’t happen.
We are still working on Curve2 printing. I have a list of folks that I am going to email the moment the new version is ready and rriegger is already on it. :wink: (Anybody who would like to be included, go ahead and email me. If you’ve contacted me recently about this I already have you down.)

I will also post a link here in this thread. Hopefully this week sometime.

Curve 2.0.3 is available for download now: