Where can I find good tutorials!

I’m really a dummy … so where on the internet can I find a simple, step to step tutorial for printing on my Epson (R200) from Photoshop (7) and QuarkX (6.1) using selfmade profiles?

I’ve made a monitorprofile with PhotoCal and a printerprofile with Monaco EZcolor … but I can’t get it straight … my prints doesn’t look the same as on my monitor (LaCie IV). I think my profiles are ok but I’m confused how to setup the prefs for both applications and printer!

Oh, I’m using a Mac with OS 10.3.6!

Thanks for any help!

I don’t have a single step-by-step document to point you to, but I have some suggestions:

Look at the first two issues of ColorNews here.

The book “Real World Color Management,” by Andrew Rodney, Bruce Fraser, and Fred Bunting is a very readable and complete book that is well worth your while. You can purchase it here.

I will keep looking for a tutorial, or possibly write one myself. :slight_smile:

Shouldn’t that be Chris Murphy in for Andrew Rodney?

(if you want a chuckle…see what other books are available by “Chris Murphy”)

Um… looks like my brain was a little jumbled when I wrote that. Thanks for pointing it out. :blush: