Where is Monitor measurement data file for Eye-One Match

I have been profiling my monitor for over a year using Eye-One Match. Now I am looking for measurement data files so that I can import them into ColorThink 2 and use that to examine color shifts. I found the printer measurement files for my printer profiles in /Applications/Eye-One Match 3/Measurement data/ folder but I don’t find any measurement files for my monitor profiles.

I ran the MonitorValidator tool which creates a measurement file, however, this data is stored inside a mysql data base and is not easily accessible. Even if the measurement easy to extract I only ran it the first time today so I do not have any historical data.

Any ideas would be appreciated.

tks, louie

I got the answer today from a Live Assistance session on the Gretagmacbeth support website It took about 10 minutes to get a someone on the other end to chat with and then I was quickly able to get an answer.

The short answer is that the measurement data is imbedded in the that gets made. Because I have Eye-One Match I have to use a text editor to open the profile file to select and copy the data to another file that is now a color list file. Although the support tech didn’t say so this information may be directly accessible from Profile Maker.

There are two data files in the profile, the first is the reference RGB values that were used to make the measurements. The second is that actual measured values in XYX and LAB. To use this data in ColorThink open the profile in your favorite text editor, select the header and data section for the second set and save that into a new file. You can now open this new file in ColorThink and it will recognize it as a color list.

Following the instructions in the ColorThink 2 documentation for making a new color list you need the the sections bounded by the following lines.