Where *should* the ICC profiles be in MacOSX 10.4?

I’ve been looking at where my .icc profiles are stored on my Mac (in preparation for the arrival of Spyder2 Pro so I can calibrate my monitor properly) but am somewhat confused…

Ok, there are the three OSX places for profiles: System/Library/Colorsync/Profiles, Library/Colorsync/Profiles & User/Library/Colorsync Profiles

But this does not explain why I seem to have duplicates/triplicates of most of my profiles - mostly those added by Adobe CS1 & CS2 it would appear!

My Library/Colorsync/Profiles folder also contains 4 alias folders (profiles, recommended, profiles alias, & recommended alias) each apparently containing another set of the adobe profiles!
There also appear to be more copies of the Adobe profiles in the Adobe folders application support.

The only profiles with just one copy are my monitor profile and a set of Epson r2400 profiles for special papers (which I added by hand)

I am assuming that loading Adobe CS2 as well as CS1 was the culprite - but which copies do I delete - and where should my real profiles live so they are available to colorsync, CS2 and Lightroom?

Am I right in thinking that I should keep the latest versions of any duplicates I have?

thanks in anticipation

Probably the best place to keep your profiles is in the “System” folder (System/Library/Colorsync/Profiles). That way, they’ll be available to everyone and every ICC aware app on your system.

I would imagine that your profiles alias and recommended alias can be safely deleted. I would not touch those that are in the Adobe application support area.

You could pull them out temporarily and see if that causes any trouble!