Which CMM does ColorThink use?

Does anyone know which CMM ColorThink uses when plotting vectors for a loaded file? I’m running ColorThink 2.2 on MacOS 10.5.8.

I don’t see any way to tell ColorThink which CMM to use, but it would be great to specify that so I can see how different CMMs change the rendering from the file space to the destination space.

I have 3 CMMs installed: Apple CMM, Adobe CMM, and ColorGear CMM.

Your version of ColorThink uses “Little CMS” to perform the color transforms you are describing. Unfortunately it is built into the program and there’s not a way to switch CMMs in and out of CT.

Thanks, Pat. I don’t know how much of a difference to expect between different CMMs, so I wouldn’t know how useful it would be to compare them, but I thought I’d check.