Which RIPs play well with IDEAlink Curve aims.

I am trying to find a RIP that will easily accept the new aims data from IDEAlink Curve. The RIPs I am currently working with (ORIS, ONYX, and Corburst) seem to have no facility to do this. Are any of these working on it?

I can only speak of the ColorBurst RIP which I have dealt with. And it depends on which version you have. The Queue series from ColorBurst does not have an interface for inputting curve values. The Layout series does have a “color adjustments” dialog window that allows the editing of curves - at least it did with the 8.7 version I tried a few months ago. I’m not sure if the latest version 9 has this ability.

ONYX Production House x10 has included a G7 module that imports the Curve2 aims txt file. X-Rite offers training. We made very good profiles on challenging media in our first attempt.
I don’t work for either of these companies…