White point issue

I’m a total newbee to color calibration, first of all.
I’ve just received my Monaco Optix XR, and went trough the first clibration(s).
My question lies within the setting for the white point.
I have a laptop without contrast control, only brightness.
Among the options of white point, I have the choice (amongst others) of native or (recomended) 6500K. There seems to be a big difference, since choosing 6500K results in a way too blue profile than the native choice.
How do I know about my native white point, it does not appear as an option within my grafic software device.
Or is 6500K the better reference?
Thanks for any help,


My recommended settings for white point is
in Chromatically coordinates
x: 0.326
y: 0.336

I would highloy recommend you stick with Native Whitepoint with the hardware you have, especially since its a laptop.

The numbers 1986 mentioned seem close to D65 or 6500K (there is a significant difference - not visual difference, the definition) which would be ok for a colour managed screen with hardware calibration such as Eizo CG or NEC PA series. But for laptop of any sort & most cheaper (non-hardware calibration) screens in general stick to native. Otherwise you will be making way to big of a change in the graphics card LUTs.