Why can't I load this ICC Profile?

I have an ICC Profile that I cannot use with a color worksheet - I just get an error noise every time I try to introduce it in place of the default.

I was able to open it in Profile Inspector, I ran it through the Profile Medic no problem, and was able to graph it (although I have no way of knowing if the graph was correct.)

It is for the 6 color HP Indichrome process.

Marie and I talked about this outside of the forums and got it all figured out. I thought this might be a good time to explain an area in the Worksheet that people sometime have confusion about.

There are several options for how to add a profile into the Worksheet:
- The plus button [+]. This opens up a selection window that allows you to grab files from internal profile lists or anywhere on your computer. (See example #1)
- Click and drag. You can click and drag a profile from an explorer window (Windows) or a finder window (Mac) directly onto the image in the Worksheet. (Example #2)

Either of these options will open up the new profile & image on the right side of the Worksheet, showing the transformation.

You would not use the Select Profile… option (example #3) if you wanted to ADD a profile to the workflow. This would be used to replace the profile that was already there. In this example, the profile in place is a “Lab” profile which is automatically assigned when you select a list of Lab colors in the Worksheet. You can’t actually replace the Lab profile with anything else in this case since these values in the list are only defined by Lab values. All you can do is ADD a profile to this workflow by using methods #1 or #2 - and that is probably what you want to happen anyway. If you have a list of Lab values, and you are going to convert them through a printer profile, you would add the profile to the end of the workflow and observe the transformation.

It’s best to start the Worksheet with an image or a color list, and then add profiles to the workflow. We tried to make it intuitive. Just as in real life, you would start with an image, then it would be affected by the profiles it passes through via each step of the workflow.