Why does ColorThink Pro attempt to access the web?

Hi guys

I’ve just bought ColorThink Pro and installed it. My firewall reports that upon startup, CTP is attempting to access - which is the IP for Chromix.

Why is it attempting to call home and what information is being exchanged?



Hi, Scott,

ColorThink Pro does not send any information.
What it is doing is attempting to contact the Chromix website, and pulling a page from our website which contains information about the latest version of the software. It then compares this with its own version. The idea is to make it easier for everyone to know when updates are available, and be able to download them right away when they are.

If your firewall blocks this, it will not affect the operation of CTP in any way. (You’ll just be a little behind the times in terms of updates. You can always check the “Downloads” page of our website or read the next issue of our ColorNews newsletter.)