Will ColorThink Pro be available as an upgrade?


I am wanting to get ColorThink (finally) to utilize some of the features it has that aren’t available in my current profile viewers (ColorShop X, Monaco Gamut Viewer). However, in the long run I have my eye on ColorThink Pro because of the added capabilites you mentioned at the GATF Color Mgmt Conference last month. If I buy the current ColorThink software now, will I be able to purchase ColorThink Pro as an upgrade when it’s available? Or will I need to purchase the entire program separately? Also, I know it’s a bit early on to ask, but will the price of ColorThink Pro be significantly more than the current version? Just trying to plan ahead - I have to write proposals to management to convince them of my need for color “toys”, so I’m choosing my battles…

Thanks in advance…


Pricing has not officially been set yet. It’s possible that ColorThink Pro could come in at $399 or close to that. But that will become official (or not) when it is released.

Regarding the upgrade aspect: The upgrade charge will probably be the difference between the regular price of ColorThink and the Price of Pro. For example: If Pro is at $399, and ColorThink is priced at $149, the upgrade should be $250. Subject to change of course. All registered ColorThink users should get first notification in all likelyhood.

Regarding the aspect of release… only the chief architect, Steve Upton, can clearly communicate when that will be. I will be honest and say I don’t know. I do know this, Steve won’t put his name on it and release it until it’s ‘A quality’ and ready. That means debugged as much as possible, fully tested, refined and market ready. It could be soon however. Stay tuned.

I’m sure Steve will jump in and elaborate any area’s I’ve missed. And of course, expect CHROMiX to do the proper announcements when it’s ready to go.

I hope that helps?


Thanks for the reply. I know it’s too early to quote specific prices, I just wanted to see if it would be a good idea to buy the regular ColorThink while I waited for Pro without a price “penalty”. Seems like the answer is yes!