Will CTPro 3.01 ever come out of beta?

Will ColorThink Pro 3.01 ever be finished with this seemingly endless beta cycle? We have it on a workstation so our operators can run regular quality checks, and if the beta expires while I’m not around to replace it, no one knows whats going on.
After 24 betas, isn’t it stable enough to call it a point release or something?

Makes sense to me. With the economy and the strangeness in the industry the last few years, we’ve sort of had other things to worry about once we made sure the betas were stable. I don’t know if anybody noticed but we have brought ColorThink 2 out of beta with our new ColorThink 2.3 version just a few weeks ago.

The next thing on the list is ColorThink Pro - and it’s funny you should bring it up. Less than a week ago we had a company meeting where we discussed the future of ColorThink Pro and the new features we hope to bring out in future versions. But before we do that we have to get the present version out of beta, so look for that to happen (finally!) soon.

Glad to hear this.

Ill give you my two cents for a 4.0 feature request that I suspect isnt big engineering.

I use ColorLists a lot for both analyzing deltaE/reports and to gather specific lab values in targets. For example, with the ECI2002, I need to grab C,M,Y,K,R,G,B, CMY, CMYK and paper white Lab values. I have to do this manually now which isnt much fun. You guys know where in the target these patches and the lab values fall. It would be great if I could click a button and have you find these for me, maybe build a little list like you do in the Feedback (test feedback window). I suppose if others want specific lab values from patches, a bigger engineering job would be check boxes within the lists that can be saved such that those values could be extracted. For me, and I suspect many, the 10 values above are super useful.

And if I have two ECIs, I want to produce a dE report, maybe you can also gather those values and plot them as an option with the report you currently provide.

I could also use Status T values for most of those patches if possible. Id feed you spectra data. I currently have to (again) manually grab those values in MeasureTool.

Along the same lines as Andrew’s request, it would be cool to be able to open a data set/color list and then drop in something like a FOGRA Media Wedge or IDEAlliance 12647-7 color bar and have it extract the colorimetric data from the data set for the color bar device values.

You can indirectly do that now by opening the color bar reference file, dropping in an ICC profile and have it interpret the Lab* values via the profile…but that could introduce slight errors in the conversion…better to get the colorimetry straight from the horse’s mouth if you know what I mean. :wink: