Windows XP SP2 - Standby/Hibernate issues

Using Monaco Optix XR Pro on a Dell D810 laptop. After coming out of Standby or Hibernate mode my monitor reverts back to no color management, and the only way to restore the profile/Monaco Gamma settings is to reboot. I’ve tried rerunning the Monaco Gamma startup application, and also Display Properties/Advanced/Color Management to reapply the correct profile but nothing happens.


I posted a similar question on another forum, but got no reply.

Mine was xp SP1, so I upgraded to SP2 but nothing happened, seems there is no answer to this problem yet. Best is not to hibernate :open_mouth: that’s waste of resources letting your monitor run even when you do’nt need it.
Suprisingly I have not read about this problem, so it seems that other user who have calibrated monitors dont hibernate at all.

Same problem
Nobody knows.
I have tried averything.
It seems thav windows go for its default profile Srgb. after sleep.

Part solution on the desktop I found is not to hibernate, but switch the monitor off & log off. Logging off does not alter the profile loaded, but for the laptop there is no switch separately for the screen, the lid has to be closed down which has a auto switch to hibernate.

Someone told me to try SP2 with Window color control panel applet, that might solve this, but I have not tried yet.