xerox docucolor 2XX separtion questions

Hi, I’m trying to make xerox laser printer/copier docucolor ICC profile.

What separation settings are best for it?

The standart color laser:

Separation MAXK
Black start 5
Black Max 100
CMYK Max 400

Black Point C100 M100 Y100 K100
Black width 100

found these values for docucolor somewhere:

Separation GCR2
Black start 0
Black Max 100
CMYK Max 260

Black Point C40 M60 Y60 K100
Black width 100

I would be thank full for simple separation parameter explanation.

These settings look like they have been pulled directly from the default settings found in ProfileMaker. They would make for a good place to start. Since you actually have a Xerox Docucolor, you should use the settings specifically for it, rather than the generic color laser recommendations.