10.6 and the

When the latest Mac operating system was released, Apple removed the “” application, and this caused a few problems in a few pieces of color management software around the industry.

The latest beta version of ColorThink Pro (3.0.1b22) when running Snow Leopard brings up a dialog box that refers to this.

The first time that ColorThink Pro tries to display color (either an image in the worksheet, a list in the worksheet, a profile or list in the Grapher) it tries to retrieve the current monitor profile using AppleEvents. Since Apple removed the “” ColorThink allows the user to manually “Choose Application” to find the scripting app. Unfortunately this is not possible as it no longer exists.

The user simply needs to click “Cancel”. They will receive a message from ColorThink that it had an “Error reading display profile” and that “sRGB will be used instead”. ColorThink Pro then runs fine and without further interruption until the next time it is launched.

Note that this does not affect the functionality of the software in any way; this merely affects the appearance of colors - they will be displayed using sRGB instead of the current monitor profile.

A fix will be provided in the next release.
This is the only issue we have discovered with Snow Leopard.