camera profiles

heres a question for you

profiling a camera

shot taken in studio with flash etc

shoot a macbeth colourchecker sg chart in RAW and bracketed exposures

open using DCRAW and save as a tiff with brightness adjusted to give correct white patch value 245

read untagged rawrgb tiff file into MonacoPROFILER and made profile.

Question when do i apply that profile to subsequent files?

Do i just assign the profile to the raw files from dcraw and leave the file in profiled sensor rgb space or do i then have to convert to an output referred colour space?

You would definitely need to apply this profile lastly to your processed TIFFs created from your RAW software. And ensure you initially process them in your RAW converter in exactly the same way as the original TIFF that you created and profiled.

I’m unfamiliar with the RAW software you’re using, but you should be able to save the settings for use on future shots.

Due to the slight difference in colour temperature of your flash units under differering power, you might want to create a few profiles for different shooting apertures and corresponding flash power.

Hope this helps!