ColorThink 2.2. "error referencing disabled profile are

Hi Chromix
When ever colorthink 2.2 is launched I get the following error message
“Error referencing disabled profile area due to unspecified enable profile path”

Is there any way to stop this error message coming up?
(I tried changing the options in chromix prefs to try and stop colorthink looking for any disabled profiles … but I still got the same error)

We have six licenses for colorthink 2.2 in in our student MAC lab at a university.
It’s a multi user system. Our IT people are asking if I can stop this error occuring so they can load that fix for into the system image for those six MACS.

Peter Miles

Photo technicain
Massey University

At 5:44 PM -0700 5/1/07, Peter Miles wrote:

Hi Peter,

I think this is due to Photoshop not being installed on the machines… can you confirm that this is the case?

Also, have you tried the version 2.2.1 beta that is on the website. This problem was corrected in that version and I don’t think the 2.2.1 version has a timeout. It seems to be stable so we need to release it as a final 2.2.1 ship version anyway…

Hope this helps



o Steve Upton CHROMiX
o (hueman) 866.CHROMiX

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Hi Steve
Thanks for getting back to me on this.

Our Test MAC work stations have the full CS2 Suite installed, which includes photoshop.

Thanks for that. I will try that out and let you know if that fixes the problem.

Peter Miles

Hi Steve
I tried ColorThink 2.2.1 Beta on my office MAC copy of colorthink and the error message no longer appears. Everything else seems to operate fine. I have notified my our MAC lab imaging team that there is a fix, in beta version.

Any idea when that the relese verion of 2.2.1 would be?

Peter Miles

Hi steve

Colorthink 2.2.1 beta fixed the referening problem i was having.
However Our IT people won’t put beta sotware in our student labs.
And so the fix is not avalible for our students using colorthink in the student labs.

Is there a plan to have a release version of colorthink 2.2.1 soon?

Peter Miles

Photography Technician
Massey University[/i]

Hi Steve
I need colorthink 2.2.1 installed in our student labs to solve the problem we are having with our six copies of colorthink 2.2. If there are still no reported stabitiy issues with version 2.2.1 would you please ‘officailly’ release it as a final-ship-version.

Our IT department will not install ‘colorthink 2.2.1 Beta’ in our student labs. They are fearful that once they start supporting beta software in our student lab images that they would not be able to deliver the software enviroment that teaching staff and our students demand. I can sympathize thier position.

Thanks in advance
Peter Miles
Photography Technician
Massey university

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