convert gmg mx4 profiles to icc profiles

hi all
im using the gmg colorproof system
i recently had a situation where i had to make an icc profiles from some of my costume mx4 profiles

i did it the hard way by printing targets and profiling them again to icc.
i wonder if their is a faster way that uses the existing data of my mx4 profile.
the gmg can export data in several formats, non of them was qualified as an icc profile.

help anyone?

hi ironchef,
Your GMG-dealer is trained to help You in this issue.

The normal way is to export the target values in IT8 7.3 format and use
an external profiling software or profiling service (e.g. from
Chromix…) to calculate an ICC profilee.


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you can create it by using 4.5 version.

If you have Profile Editor included in your GMG software (if you don’t I would suggest you get it as it’s invaluable) then you can just export your target values as a text file and produce your ICC from that data.