Custom Color Target

Is it possible to create a camera profile with a custom color target? I have a client that has a number of brand identity colors on their products, and I would like to create a camera profile from the material swatches that they provide.

My goal is to create a linear system that minimizes the amount of time needed to do color matching in Photoshop, and produces consistent color when converted to Gracol.

I think I need to start by measuring the swatches with my i1 and checking those against RGB values provided by the designers.

Currently the only software I have to achieve this is the i1Match, and Capture One, and Photoshop.

Any ideas before I make this endeavor would be appreciated.

I think your idea is a good one.

I would go about this in a similar way to how we sometimes make scanner profiles. You would want to start with a standard camera profiling target, one of the flavors of color checkers. Then you would also photograph a “custom palette” of your client’s brand identity colors under identical conditions.

You would need to manually add custom RGB values to the reference file and place them in the target in a specific location. You would also need to copy and paste from your photographed custom palette into these same specific locations in the photographed color checker. Then bring the image and the reference together as usual in the camera profiling software.

I’ve never actually done it this way, but it seems like it would work. Steve Upton has had good results with this method in making scanner profiles for high quality fine art reproduction. The nice thing is that you are making sure the colors the client needs are actually being sampled, and therefore the camera profile should be more accurate. Note that any time you are attempting a camera profile, it pays to pay close attention to evenly illuminating the target.