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I have recently purchased the eye one photo package. I am thinking about trying to profile a digital projector and need to know what I need in order to do this. I understand that I will require the i1 beamer in order to attach the i1 spectrophotometer to it. Do I require anything else in the way of additional software or do I have that already included in my eye one photo package. I did run the iMatch module and it appears that the projector module works so I suspect that I need only get the beamer. Is that correct?

any help would be appreciated


To make your life easier, you should get the Beamer Stand for $144. It will hold and position the Eye-One device consistently for you. You can concoct your own holder, but for $144 the holder is a custom fit and has adequate weighting.

That’s all you need. Here’s a link: <>

Since you have recently bought an Eye-One Photo, yes, it includes the Beamer software and will fully function (Much older versions of the Eye-One Photo do not include the Beamer software which must be bought separately for $279). Here’s a link to the software for older Eye-One Photo users: <>

The Beamer software is straight forward: Just follow the Beamer software steps and let it guide you through the process. Basically, it’s two steps. You’ll first measure the screen white point. Then you’ll measure the projector light output by placing the Eye-Onein the Beamer Holder and placing it in the light stream. The Beamer software sends different colored patches to your computer/projector, the Eye-One reads and then makes the software makes the profile.
I hope that helps. Otherwise, X-Rite has Tech support available, and our own Pat Herold in our CHROMiX Tech Support department is a real pro at profiling projectors with the Beamer.

oRick Hatmaker, CHROMiX

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Thanks Rick

Thats exactly what I needed to know. I plan to order the beamer stand as trying to make my own usually results in something that is not adequate. Besides there is a nice little spot in my case with my eye one photo for the beamer stand to fit allowing me to keep all my calibration tools in one spot which is quite handy.

The projector is our photography club’s and we use it alot to judge our monthly competitions for digital submissions. It is a canon projector (not sure of the model as I don’t have it with me at the time of posting this email). Are you able to profile most digital projectors this way? I assume that it must build a profile and store it somewhere in the computer for the digital projector to access? Do I need to do anything to ensure that the projector is accessing the profile?

The club has a spyder 2 pro to calibrate the monitor which also has ability to do digital projector profiling but it really doesn’t work too well. I think the eye one system should work alot better. I will calibrate the monitor using my eye one display 2 to try and keep everything consistent. I guess I could use my eye one pro to do the monitor calibration as well. Is there one that will work better than the other or do they both work equally well?

Thanks for your help
I certainly do enjoy this forum which has a wealth of information for those involved in color management.
I also am quite impressed with the service at and have ordered things from them several times now and always had it delivered quite promptly without any difficulty whatsoever. Keep up the good work.


Thanks for the nice praise.

The projector profile created from the Beamer software will be stored with your other profiles in your system. It is handled very much like a monitor profile and applied at application level. Keynote and Powerpoint on the Mac support use of profiles. For past versions of PowerPoint on Windows, there is aplugin at X-Rite called i1ColorPoint that you’ll need. It can be downloaded at <>

oRick Hatmaker, CHROMiX

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