i1 beamer

I can’t seem to position my I1 beamer to take a reading off the projection screen. When I get to the “positioning” step, pointer “jumps” around the projection screen and wont seem to stay in the center.

When I finally get it near in the center and click on the next step, the series of different sized black dots comes up on the screen – but a number of them seem to go outside the projection area. I then get a message that the pointer is “outside the projection area” and that I must reposition.

Any idea of what’s happening? Do the color settings for my laptop monitor (e.g., 32 bit color, 16 bit color, etc) have any bearing here?

Any help will be appreciated.

Tom Willoughby

For the benefit of others reading this thread, Tom and I tried several different ideas for fixing this problem. The i1 was properly “black” calibrated in the beamer holder. He tried calibrating using the different color presets in the projector’s menus, and nothing made any difference.

The final solution was to find the projector’s “reset” function and reset it. In the case of his HP projector, he needed to hold down the “source” button until the reset feature was triggered. And everything worked right after that. It profiled just fine.

Well, it might not help much, but my recommendation is that
you try to position your Eye-One quite close to your projected screen,
normally 2 meters away from the screen. Of course it should not get
in the light path.