Lighting for color profiling cameras

Any reccomendations on lighting equipment for camera profiling?

Following the recommendation of Bruce Fraser, I am trying to buy a pair of these
with some 5,000K lamps
but, according to the shopping cart, the only thing in stock are some of the accessories (diffuser). I have sent an inquiry fax asking for the lead time, but have not gotten an answer (yet).

Good luck! - Hening.

If you are profiling in a studio setup you must use the lighting the photographer will use in the shoot.
Remember the lights need to warm up and after the first flash the refresh rate for the flash can be as lonf as a min. or more. Also remember the backgrounds changing will effect the light and thus the profile.
I usually take five or six shots, view them for consistancy then make a profile of one of the similar ones. This way you can see the lighting refresh rate too.
I have made profiles for studios and te placement of the lights, camera, and subject all play a part in good profiling.
Do not be suprised if you end up with multiple profiles.