Profiling Epson V750 Pro scanner Transparency help needed

I am trying to profile my new Epson V750 Pro scanner and I am running in to some problems and need some help. Here is the scenario: I am using my Hutch color 4x5 scanner Target 4x5 trans. scanning in the professional mode of the EPson software with no color correction on. It is my belief that when using this setting it disables all auto curves or tones etc. that would be applied. Now I have done my scan in the no correction mode and have cleaned it and straightened it and created my profile using Monaco Profiler with the supplied Hutch reference. I then opened the scan of the HCT and applied the ICC profile and it looks pretty good visually on my monitor.

So next I take a food shot trans and scan it with no correction as before and when I apply the profile that I just created in photoshop… it looks really dark.

So I believe I am missing some of the basics here… can anyone give me some pointers? Is the Epson doing something behind the scenes that I am not aware of when it scans each time?


Just a thought. Try scanning the HCT again, exactly as you scanned the food transparency. See if you get the same result as with the original scan when you apply the profile.

If not, it would tell you that something may have happened during clean up or when you generated the profile.

Have you turned off the auto-adjust features on the scanner?

As a question, which 4x5 HCT slide do you have, the Velvia or the Ektachrome? Is it the same or different as your food transparency?

Is the transp. that you need the same as the hutch? Is the transp. a Kodak or Fuji transp? The film type does make a difference.