Scanner calibration

Can anyone recommend a service (like Chromix’s valet for printer profile creation) for scanner profile creation? I have a large-format Epson flatbed I would like to calibrate.


CHROMiX has a ColorValet Scan profile service, but we don’t advertise
it on our website.

If you have your own IT8 scanner target, the price is $75 each
profile. If you buy (or have recently bought) a scanner target from
CHROMiX (HCT, Fuji, Kodak), the price is $50 for the first profile
and $75 thereafter. It works like this: you’ll scan the IT8 target
and send the scanned file to us. We’ll create a scanner profile and
email it back to you. You may want to talk with myself or Mike in
Support about optimal resolution and other settings with your scanner
beforehand. You can order the Scan profile by calling Sales at (866)
CHROMiX extension #1 or feel free to give me a call.

o Rick Hatmaker, CHROMiX

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Can anyone recommend a service (like Chromix’s valet for printer
profile creation) for scanner profile creation? I have a large-
format Epson flatbed I would like to calibrate.


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One other option is to do it yourself. If you need free software see This does high quality scanner and camera profiles.

Why not Rick? I came to the site specifically to find such service and was very surprised in not finding it. I almost abandoned my search for a Chromix solution for this until I thought to check the forum. This seems like a terrible idea to me.

Al Ferrari


I appreciate your question.

There are two primary reasons and one secondary reason.
The most important reason is that it’s important to qualify the scan
profile customer and/or advise them of the process, proper procedure,
proper scanner settings, what you can do vs what you can’t do, etc.
It’s more difficult to do this via a web mechanism than a simple
conversation. Also, we find that the customer who needs a scanner
profile is usually a little more technical or demanding, and usually
requires a higher level conversation.
The second reason is that the mechanism to facilitate the scanner
profile process would take a little doing, and since CHROMiX isn’t a
large company, our somewhat limited resources have been more focused on
the software we develop like Maxwell, IDEAlink Curve and ColorThink.
The last reason is that demand for scanner profiles has been declining
in recent years and has never had the same market volume as printer
profiles (which has remained strong).

All that said, we love doing scanner profiles and would welcome more of
this business. And in fact, we get a lot of satisfaction from the
positive remarks we get from customers who purchase our scan profiles.
The wow! factor and improvements are significant. So we’ll definitely
keep doing scanner profiles as long as customers require them.

A quick overview of our ColorValet Scan Profile service:
$75 per Scan profile if you supply your own IT8 target.
$50 for the first Scan profile if you bought an IT8 target from
CHROMiX, $75 for subsequent profiles.

Feel free to email or call and talk to me or our Technical Support
department anytime regarding Scanner profiles.

Rick Hatmaker
866-CHROMiX extension 7

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