Scanner not correctly picking up patches

I use a Graphtec CS2000 pass-through scanner in work. I have GretagMacbeth Profilemaker with the scanner add-on, but when I scan in the chart certain patches, namely the blue look nothing like they should. The colour that the patch should be appears around the edge of the patch, but 90% of the patch is a much lighter colour than it should be. The resulting profile is not at all accurate.

The crazy thing is that the scanner cost 500 and cannot pick up certain colour. My cheap, nasty 30 flatbed can scan the testchart perfectly!

I recently returned the scanner for servicing, but it is still doing the same thing!

Has anybody any suggestions?

Hey friend, I don’t know this is the unique problem of Graphtec CS2000 or not. But when I am scanning an image multiple times I am getting multiple colors setting every time. Every time the picture is displaying different colors. Some time it is little reddish. Or some time I am getting darkish color. I haven’t tried any other scanner yet. So I don’t have any idea about it. Does any one here have any idea on this issue?